Paul Rijpstra

Unconditional. So to speak 24 hours a day. Customers can totally rely on ir. P. (Paul) Rijpstra. Since 2003 he has been director of the Amsterdam and Zwolle branches and has been a partner since 2004. Through his person, expertise of Pieters Bouwtechniek is made available, he says himself. He offers a total advice, provides depth and acts as the confidant of the client. Together with Simon Snoek, he also directs Pieters Bouwkunde. From July 2018 Paul joined as general director of Pieters Bouwtechniek.

To have influence within the project, that is what’s interesting, says Paul. Construction advice is not just a 'trick' that you can buy on every corner of the street. And that is sometimes unfortunately thought. As a manager he has a mission: to bring the appreciation of the profession to a higher level.

Paul's expertise lies with extensive projects with a stacking of functions. Both in the main design and in the complete organization around it. He is a thinker on main lines. This characteristic helps him to maintain an overview of large, complex projects, such as the new city center of Almere or the new dairy factory for Danone in Haps.

His motto: there is always a solution. Problems are only big if you have not started working on it. So: get started!

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