Working method

We are more than happy to share with you the guiding elements of our working method. This working method applies at all times, from the design phase and the construction-preparation phase up to and including the implementation phase.


Pieters’ working method rests on four pillars:

1. We listen to you 
What does the client want, and what do all other involved parties want? With which requirements and wishes must the product comply? The image desired? The level of ambition of the architect, the budget and the planning? We make a comprehensive inventory of all of this. So that the desired goal is clear, right from the outset. This ensures clarity and therefore makes completing the project enjoyable and effective.

2. We think along with you 
With all of the construction partners around the table. Sharing knowledge, and therefore multiplying it, in a spirit of openness. How do construction principles affect the aesthetics, structure, building physics, installation, feasibility, regulations, sustainability, maintenance and costs? For us, this open and critical back-and-forth is an essential compo-nent of our profession. After our analysis, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the possibilities and the consequences.

3. We think in alternatives 
Building soundly is design, calculation, drafting and uninhibited thinking outside the box, and the field. Working from ideal models toward realizable construction plans. This is how we provide construction systems and techniques with a difference.

4. We think comprehensively 
Taken together, optimal design solutions and subfields form the total product. Architecture, installation and structural engineering are independent disciplines, yet together they form an inextricable whole. For each building project, we deploy a diverse team of experts. This project team works together with the client and other partners toward a syn-thesis. This way inconsistencies are resolved and the various elements form a greater whole. With a high-quality product as the result.

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