Thanks to ever more advanced concrete technologies, manufacturers of this material continue to develop new formulas that make an extensive range of creative and innovative applications possible in concrete, both functionally and aesthetically.

Villa Kavel 6 brings together different traditional and innovative applications of concrete. Interestingly, the façade, which is made completely from concrete, is also the main load-bearing structure that supports this villa with its complex cantilever design. The façade, which was poured completely in situ, unashamedly shows the fine surface texture left behind by the wooden formwork and the colour nuances in the concrete mix. We worked closely together with several concrete construction specialists to achieve this.

Concrete can also be used to create increasingly intelligent structures, which tackle multiple issues that were previously resolved separately, such as noise transmission and insulation (acoustic concrete) but also heat and cold transfer (thermally active concrete). The increasing integration of multiple functions in concrete structures leads to higher performance, better control and greater design freedom.

Pieters’ projects in concrete include Villa Kavel 6 Amsterdam, IPMMC in Utrecht, Crematorium Siesegem in Aalst (Belgium), Crematorium Heimolen in St. Niklaas (Belgium), and Villa VPRO in Hilversum.

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