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Pieters is very much involved in cutting-edge dynamic and seismic design. Increasingly ambitious designs, structures based on innovative materials and the growing number of earthquakes in the north of the Netherlands have led to a sharp increase in demand for dynamic load analyses. We had previously gained experience with seismic design in earthquake-prone regions in Georgia and the Middle East.

The new hospital building for OZG Ziekenhuis in Scheemda, located in the earthquake-prone area of Eemsmond, accelerated our specialisation in this relatively unknown field in the Netherlands. When we set up our NAM-certified working group in 2014, we were one of the first structural and civil engineering firms in the Netherlands to specialise in Earthquake-Resistant Design.

Within the framework of the applicable regulations, we develop innovative solutions for all types of structures, ranging from private homes to non-residential buildings, that are both technically and financially optimal and meet the requirements of our clients. The design features we use include lightweight floors, flexible joints, an above-average number of foundation piles, greater reinforcement in walls and foundations and reinforced ceiling suspension points. Innovative materials also have an important role to play here. For example, we developed a graceful spiral staircase in collaboration with Hi-Con, which, despite its slender design, is still strong enough to withstand an earthquake. 

Relevant Pieters projects include MFA de Wijert, OZG Ziekenhuis in Scheemda, the earthquake-proof spiral staircase and reinforcements added to school buildings - in collaboration with VIIA - in Groningen and the nitrogen processing plant in Zuidbroek.

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