Steel continues to surprise us as a material that makes pioneering structures possible. In combination with glass, this material allows a playful interaction between natural light and space, and special effects are possible, as illustrated by the design for Museum Voorlinden. Thanks to extraordinarily slender, load-bearing steel columns and glass façades rising to an imposing height of 6 metres, the artworks in the museum can be admired at the same time as the natural beauty surrounding the building.

The Timmerhuis is another tremendous design. Architectenbureau OMA was responsible for the innovative glass and steel architectural design concept and Pieters designed the spectacular steel structure that allows the building to seemingly 'hover’ in the air. We also use steel frequently when transforming buildings and adding extra floors on top of existing buildings.

Pieters’ projects in steel include: Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar, and theThe Timmerhuis and Jobsveem in Rotterdam.

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