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Do you have a question? Please do not hesitate to contact Patricia van Someren at info.haarlem@pieters.net or at +31(0)23 – 543 1891.

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We can provide you with the following services

Design, calculation and drafting of structures | Engineering assignments and product innovations | Tender specifications and budgets |Construction guidance and supervision | Damage assessment and reporting for arbitration cases | Second opinions | Feasibility studies | Risk management

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Need some architectural advice?

Where Pieters Bouwtechniek designs the structures, Pieters Bouwkunde provides the technical elaboration of your design www.pietersbouwkunde.nl

Pieters Bouwkunde

Need BIM advice?

With BIM we streamline both the design processes of construction projects and the digital flow of organizations. Within Pieters we have set up a department that is specialized in BIM: Pieters BIM advies.


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