Our approach defines our identity as Pieters. Because, even though we are one of the largest independent structural and civil engineering firms in the country, we attach great importance to proactive cooperation and personal attention for clients. Our approach is based on four guiding principles and applies at all times, from the design and preparation phase through to the final realisation phase.

We listen to you and contribute our ideas

Developing a construction project is something you do as a team. A proactive attitude is essential and we at Pieters see this as inherent to our profession. We listen carefully to the project principal's wishes: the requirements and specifications that the product has to meet, the intended image, the type of architecture, the budget and schedule. We consider the project as a whole from the perspective of all the parties involved, even if this requires us to venture beyond the boundaries of our field of expertise. So that we can draw up a concise and comprehensive overview of the possibilities and the consequences for you.

We are realistic

We think big and push limits in our structural designs, but always with a strong feeling of responsibility for structural safety and with financial feasibility and production viability as our goals. We stay within budget and keep to schedule as we create realistic construction plans that hold no surprises and can be implemented under site conditions. We communicate actively and transparently about the effect structural principles have on building aesthetics, building physics, systems, regulations, durability, sustainability, maintenance and costs. Thanks to this realism, we always come up with an appropriate solution for transforming an ambitious vision into a physical building.

We offer alternatives

A good structural engineer is creative and inventive and does much more than simply make calculations. Good structural engineering involves excellent design, accurate calculation, precise working drawings and daring to think effectively outside boxes and the boundaries of professional disciplines. Making a support structure thin, slender and elegant without losing sight of production viability and the budget is a challenge. Out-of-the-box thinking is in our DNA and we love coming up with inventive solutions that make an ambitious design possible contrary to expectations.

We think comprehensively

Optimal design solutions in the different sub areas come together to create the total product. Architecture, installation and construction are independent disciplines, yet together they form an inextricable whole. We form a team of structural engineers specialising in different sub areas for each construction project. This team collaborates with the project principal and other construction partners to achieve full synthesis. Coordination in the area of design and implementation ensures a manageable and integral process where conflicts can be resolved in good time. The result: clearly defined construction costs, minimum failure costs and optimal value for money. In short, a high-quality construction product.

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