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You are ambitious and want to shape and optimise the built world around you by contributing to highly diverse, special and complex construction projects at home and abroad. In an informal working atmosphere and in collaboration with passionate and enthusiastic colleagues. With excellent opportunities for self-development and professional growth in the field of construction-related structural engineering. If so, a job at Pieters will suit you down to the ground!

Get started at a leading firm of consulting engineers, which is among the best in the business

With multiple offices and more than 150 designers, structural engineers, modellers and project leaders, Pieters is one of the leading independent structural engineering consultancy firms in the Netherlands. We have worked with well-known and progressive parties in the Netherlands and abroad for more than 40 years. For project principals who want to realise an ambitious vision and who expect much more than a standard structural engineering solution.

So working at Pieters means working to an ambitious standard and going for the very best result possible. Solving complex and challenging problems and finding ways to build highly unusual structures. Working with innovative materials and applying cutting-edge technologies. In short, being challenged to bring out the best in yourself.


Would you like to participate in special projects such as De Verkenner, with what Cobouw describes as “spine-chillingly thin balconies” that protrude more than 3 metres out from the façade? And the Catharinabrug, whose vital statistics - 36 metres long and just 275 mm thick - make it the longest and most minimalistic UHSC bridge in the Netherlands? If so, we are the employer you seek.

Rob Doomen | Director


In an experienced organisation where commitment and entrepreneurship are central
Pieters is an experienced structural engineering consultancy that applies a contemporary and creative approach in its work. Our employees are encouraged to think outside the box and ask critical questions. And to come up with surprising and new solutions in order to make a project principal's vision possible, without losing sight of our responsibility for structural safety and financial viability.

So working for Pieters means showing commitment and taking the initiative. Developing a construction project is a team effort and a proactive attitude is essential. This includes listening to the principal’s wishes, actively considering the project from the perspective of all the parties involved and taking the initiative to achieve a common goal.

A good structural engineer is creative and inventive and does much more than simply make calculations. Good structural engineering involves excellent design, accurate calculation, precise working drawings and not being afraid to think effectively outside boxes and the boundaries of professional disciplines in order to successfully realise an ambitious architectural design underpinned by surprising and courageous solutions.

Hein Brakel | Advisor

In an informal working atmosphere with excellent opportunities for self-development and professional growth
Pieters is unique in that we combine the expertise of a large organisation with the informal atmosphere and dynamic approach of a small organisation. Specifically, we attach great value to high job commitment and free thinking, and encourage independence and entrepreneurship. In short, the best of both worlds.

So working at Pieters means enjoying your work and being given opportunities that encourage you to grow. You feel completely at home in a flat organisation with short lines of communication and an informal atmosphere where employees learn from each other and exchange knowledge and expertise within project groups and across different disciplines. An organisation that welcomes your ideas and helps you achieve your ambitions.

At Pieters, people really listen to your ambitions and offer you extensive opportunities for personal and professional growth and developing your own ideas. A few years ago, a number of colleagues and I came up with the idea of setting up an innovation department at Pieters.

 Chris Bosveld | Structural Engineer & Head of the Innovation Department


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