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Pieters Bouwtechniek specialises in structural engineering. Our primary goal is a safe, functional and integral design for a building that meets the requirements and wishes of both the client and the user. We work on varied assignments for universities, research institutes, architects, municipalities, housing associations, building contractors with a real estate development division, private individuals and project developers. We are actively involved and advise the client from the design phase up to and including completion and handover. Pieters is able to create the optimal structural design.

Thanks to many years of successful collaboration with architects, project developers, contractors, structural engineers, building physicists and building equipment specialists at home and abroad, we have built up a depth and breadth knowledge and are now one of the leading companies in our field. In recent years we have worked on many special and prestigious projects such as Villa VPRO in Hilversum, the WoZoCo apartments in Amsterdam, Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar, the Warmtekrachtcentrale Utrecht, the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Delft University of Technology, the Volkshotel in Amsterdam, POST Rotterdam and the Timmerhuis in Rotterdam.

With several branch offices and more than 150 designers, structural engineers, project managers and BIM modellers, Pieters is one of the largest independent structural and civil engineering consultancies in the Netherlands. Even so, because we are located regionally, customers can simply drop in for advice and the construction sites where we are active are never far away.

Internally, our flat organisational structure ensures that we are easy to approach, can respond proactively to design issues and quickly answer questions asked by the client and the design team.

Pieters offers the best of both worlds: the expertise of a large organisation combined with the commitment and high level of personal attention usually associated with smaller organisations.

Jan Versteegen | Director

Management team

Pieters Bouwtechniek was established in Haarlem in 1974 and has since expanded with offices in Utrecht (1988), Delft (1993), Amsterdam (1995), Zwolle (2007), and Eindhoven (2021).

These six locations have formed a partnership with the firms listed below, all of which are part of Bouwtechniek Group:

For each of our projects, the combined knowledge and experience represented here are at the service of our clients.

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