Melchert Leguijt

A professional pur sang. Clear communication. Catchphrases that truly fit engineer M. (Melchert) Leguijt. In 1995, after earning his stripes in the construction profession, he followed in the footsteps of Jan Pieters, eponym of Pieters Bouwtechniek, as Co-Director of the Bouwtechniek Holding. This move made him the new associate of Hein Brakel.

Making a structural reality out of an architect's ‘wild’ idea. That is the greatest challenge. As seen in the Theater Agora in Lelystad. Regardless of your personal opinion of the diamond-shaped structure and its colours, you cannot deny that these make it one of the most eye-catching buildings in the city.

The visibility of the structure adds ‘tension’ to a building, in Melchert's opinion. Whether the material used is concrete or steel. His expertise (to name just a few): prestressed concrete and structural hydraulic engineering.

Melchert loves the field. Realizing a structure in conjunction with a design team consisting of an architect, an installer and the client is just the thing that continues to fascinate him. In Melchert's opinion, the best structures are created by being involved early on, as a structural engineer, in the brainstorming, the feasibility analyses and the concretization of the plans.

Continuing to practice his profession and, in addition to that, leading an engineering firm is, to him, the ideal combination. What is always the top priority? Achieving good results together!

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