At Pieters, we find it important to stay up-to-date with new developments in our field. But we do more than just apply the latest knowledge as it becomes available: we also develop new knowledge ourselves. Our vision on innovation and product development is to look further into the future, overcome challenges and push boundaries. That means working with innovative materials and applying advanced methods and techniques. We put our Innovation department to work when knowledge is not yet available. This department engages in thorough research in collaboration with well-known parties to autonomously develop its own knowledge.

At Pieters, we welcome complex issues as exciting opportunities to test our expertise and skills. We constantly search for innovative solutions and learn optimally from both our own techniques and general developments and trends in structural engineering principles. Our Innovation department plays a central role in this. This rapidly growing department was created in 2008 at the initiative of two passionate young engineers in our Delft office.

We noticed that extremely good and innovative ideas regularly came to the surface when working on special projects, but that they then faded into the background as the project gained momentum. So we came up with a strategy to bring high-potential ideas to maturity: each idea is noted down and then transferred to a special, dedicated department for further elaboration.

Chris Bosveld | UHSC Specialist, Innovation Department

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