Glass is a very versatile material that Pieters uses in several innovative ways in structures. It is infinitely recyclable without any material losses and can be used both in combination with other materials and as a stand-alone structure, as illustrated by the glass corridor designed for Van Stigt Thans Assurantiën's building.

Building with glass lets you play with light, space and transparency.

Striking elements can also be added to make (parts of) a building stand out. For example, Capital C, a protected building and the former Diamond Exchange in Amsterdam, was modernised by adding an eye-catching dome-shaped glass roof structure.

Projects: Van Stigt Thans Assurantiën's building in Schiedam, Capital C (the former Diamond Exchange) and the Tree of Life in Amstelpark in Amsterdam, Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar and the circular hospitality pavilion created for The Green House in Utrecht.

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