Structural safety


Structural safety is the basis of all our work. A guiding principle that we adhere to as a matter of course as structural engineers, and that forms the backbone of all our assignments. However, it is still a topic that we would like to explicitly highlight once again.

Obviously we work with the latest edition of the Dutch structural safety compendium (Aanpak Constructieve Veiligheid).  This widely used manual, which serves to ensure structural safety in the construction process, clearly lists the most important tasks and responsibilities for all parties involved in the construction process. But we go even further.

We think big and push limits in our structural designs, but always with a strong feeling of responsibility for structural safety and with financial feasibility and production viability as our goals.

At a time when making decisions quickly in order to make progress seems increasingly to be the norm, we at Pieters have the courage of our convictions, look critically at issues and take a step back if we think it appropriate. When sitting at the table with a customer or partner, in our role as the ‘structural engineering conscience’ of a project, we ensure an unwavering focus on the underlying structural solution and clearly explain why further investigation is essential if we feel it necessary.  This does not lead to delays in the construction process however. Because we are realistic about what can and cannot be done from the start of the design phase, we avoid a situation in a later phase where something turns out not to be possible after all, which obviously does cause significant delays and (failure) costs. We stand by what we say and deliver what we promise - we never compromise in this respect.

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