Frank Meijer

Focus on the best result. Always busy optimizing. Pleasure in his work. That is typical for of ir. F.B. (Frank) Meijer. Since 2005 he has worked at Pieters, from 2011 in the position of Director.

At Pieters, he is like everyone else working there, thrown 'into the deep'. An effective method of quickly developing your experience and knowledge. If you want something and you can do it, then grab the freedom to do it. A mentality that appeals to Frank.

As a manager, he plays an active role in the development of his employees. His customers and employees are happy to work with him; He is sympathetic, goal oriented and he thinks ahead. 

Frank is not the type for the first simple solution, he keeps all options open and he always keeps the optimal integral design as his goal. He investigates how he can combine the wishes of the client, the architect and the other advisors. He regularly looks beyond his discipline to the consequences for example for maintenance, feasibility and future adaptability. Frank has a lot of experience with building on a vulnerable surface and solving implementation problems.

Constructive design is a beautiful subject, he thinks. The highest goal is to strengthen the architectural design with the constructive design within the budget of the technically challenging projects.

Frank thinks just a little longer than average on solutions and possibilities. His credo? Look openminded how it can be better.

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