Jan Versteegen

To become a designer, not a project leader. That is absolutely what engineer J.H. (Jan) Versteegen wanted. Since 1994, he has been able to make the field his own at Pieters Bouwtechniek. By giving him a lot of freedom and a lot of responsibility, the learning process went quickly. Since 1999, he has been a Director and a partner at Pieters Bouwtechniek in Delft. Since 2017, Jan is also director of Bouwtechniek Holding.

Jan has a great deal of substantive technical knowledge. He is a true analyst. His expertises (among others): cantilevers, large spans, prestressed façades and prestressed structures.

He is easy to get along with. His door is always open. Even though he has been blessed with quite a dose of social skills ‘for a technical type’, his favourite challenges are not on the organizational and management sides. Coming to an efficient design in consultation with an architect. Creating a feasible and comprehensible design, that is what it's all about for Jan. Not only comprehensible in a computer model but especially with when it comes to common sense.

Jan loves to brainstorm, which often leads to better and unexpected, new solutions. An example: Just because the budget is low does not mean, to Jan, that a daring design must necessarily be avoided.

His point of departure: In a collaboration, you must share problems as well as solutions. Avoid steering toward confrontation. Together, a solution can be found!

jversteegen@pieters.net www.linkedin.com

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