Jan Berkhout

Enthusiastic and engaged. That is engineer J.J. (Jan) Berkhout all over. His total dedication and inspiration make him a true ‘Pieters man’. In 1988 Jan started as a structural engineer at Pieters Bouwtechniek. Since 2007, he has combined this with running the offices at the Haarlem location.

As a consulting engineer, he advises and directs on main issues. Frequent contact with his colleagues is essential to his success. Discussing the latest states of affairs. Identifying bottlenecks. Assessing in team what the next step should be.

After all these years, the special and innovative projects provide him the necessary variation in his work. Among other things, Jan is an expert in (steel constructions and) renovations and revitalisation of residences and buildings. What he finds most challenging are complex utility buildings with tight schedules and budgets.

Another one of Jan's characteristics is the sustainable client relationships he builds. Putting himself into the shoes of the client has become second nature for him. Going just that one step further in thinking along with the client. He gets a kick out of squeezing everything possible out of a project, while at the same time not losing sight of the practical elements.

His motto: Make the impossible possible. As a manner of speaking, of course; clarity must prevail when deciding when something is truly not feasible.

jberkhout@pieters.net www.linkedin.com

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