Ycha van Diermen

Modest, catchy, driven and open-minded. That features Ir. Y. (Ycha) of Diermen, since 2005 employed by Pieters. His characteristics make sure that something is only impossible for Ycha if it is truly proven. Until then, there are many options for realizing a project.

Building or To build something. That's what it’s all about for Ycha. In his time as a constructor and project leader, this was mainly about buildings. And since it’s establishment as director of Utrecht in September 2016, it also involved building an organization.

He finds the solution orientated mind what Pieters Bouwtechniek is all about a really strong characteristic. A mentality that Ycha himself also owns. He does not want standards, but constructive feasibility of architects and clients, within the budgetary frameworks.

The open culture that he knows of Pieters Bouwtechniek is a pre for him. He believes that this culture allows people to experience a lot of fun in their profession and take great steps in their development.

Ycha is an allrounder with a lot of experience in renovations - within these types of projects you have to work with what you have. Thorough thinking about the demolition and construction order is essential. Complex tasks make it extra interesting and fun for him.

yvandiermen@pieters.net www.linkedin.com

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