Pieters Masterclass for Masterstudents

22 October 2020

Last Thursday, October 15, 2020, Pieters organized an online Masterclass for Master students. Due to the current circumstances with Covid-19, we were unfortunately unable to organize a masterclass on location. That's why we organized this edition online. But this did not diminish the experience.

Prior to the Masterclass, the students had been sent a box with fun gadgets and all input for the Masterclass. This box was supplemented with a voucher from Albert Heijn, so the students did not have to bite the bullet during the Masterclass.

The students started working on the topic Wood. Since Pieters is experienced as a wood constructor, we have completely devoted the Masterclass to wood. The students started work on the SAWA project to be built in Rotterdam.

What is special about this 50 m high tower (SAWA) is that the main supporting structure is designed as much as possible in wood. A building is being designed in collaboration with urban ecologists, where greenery is integrated into balconies, terraces and decks, thereby increasing the biodiversity of the district.

The students worked very well digitally in groups. And together they came up with beautiful constructive designs. It was fun for both the Pieters people and the enthusiastic students to meet and work with them. It is great to see that the students are very interested in the use of wood as a building material.

It was a fun and educational day for everyone!

The winners have won a Bol.com voucher and a book about wood.

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