Pieters part of the design team Education Center of Utrecht University Inner City

16 August 2023

The new Education Center Inner City will soon be erected in the heart of Utrecht. The buildings Achter de Dom 20, 22-24 and Achter Sint Pieter 25 and 27 will together form the Inner City Education Center in the future. Upon completion, the four university buildings will be merged to create one new education building.

The national monumental buildings are being extensively renovated and renovated. Behind Sint Pieter 25 is being demolished in order to build a new building there.

The Inner City Education Center connects the various buildings in the Transcluster and brings more high-quality educational spaces to a central location in the city centre. In addition to workgroup rooms, project rooms and places for self-study, the complex will also have places for meeting and working together. The Education Center will be an inviting place for meeting, staying and knowledge exchange, in which education and research are intertwined and collaboration takes place across borders.

With its vision, the integral design team led by DP6 convinced the assessment committee in the EU tender: “an approach based on a clear and appealing vision, in which past, present and future are connected and made visible. In DP6's vision, sustainability and circularity occupy a clear and appealing position," said the committee.

In addition to Pieters, the design team consists of DP6 architectuurstudio, Galjema, LBP|Sight, Bureau Vlaardingerbroek en HI-Plus.

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