Pieters Utrecht almost at level 2 CO2 Performance Ladder

13 June 2024

To take the next step with our sustainability ambitions and gain good insight into our CO2 impact, Pieters Utrecht is working on certification at step 2 of the CO2 Performance Ladder. Through internal research we found out where our CO2 emissions mainly come from; and we are able to determine targeted improvement goals and measures.

Our long-term goals
Our long-term goals are as follows:

  • Phasing out non-electric cars by 2030 at the latest and structurally reducing work-travel kilometers.
  • Minimize CO2 impact in business operations and gain control over the CO2 impact of data consumption and material design choices.

Most imxortant measures in 2024
In 2024 we will mainly focus on:

  • Investigate the introduction of a public transport card for professional use to encourage greener mobility.
  • Aim for as many meetings as possible via MS Teams to reduce work-travel kilometers.
  • Development of a CO2 tool for use in our projects.
  • Investigate possibilities for reducing data use in our communication in the projects and the use of our server.

Knowing more? Please contact Robin Schipper or Tim Donkers, they will be happy to tell you more about our ambitions.

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