The first self-built housing cooperative in the Netherlands may start building

19 November 2019

Press release De Warren

Housing cooperative De Warren has designed a unique building together with Natrufied Architecture in the past year as a collective of 50 people. Built from wood, energy neutral, with many common facilities and spaces and a façade of used material. This week the environmental permit has been granted and construction is allowed.

The Warren will be a 6-storey wooden building on Center Island IJburg with 36 apartments in the social and medium-term rental segment. The future tenants are united in the housing cooperative and design, develop and manage their own premises. They are the first in the Netherlands to realize a building as a group in this way.

"We did a little dance when we heard that we had the environmental permit," says Gerard Roemers, member of the board at De Warren and responsible for the building process from within the group. “We want to innovate in all areas: so we build with wood, with building materials that have already had a previous life and the design encourages human contact. Thanks to our architect, we have now captured this dream in a realistic design and the licensing authority also realizes that it can be done differently! ”

Boris Zeisser of Natrufied Architecture explains: “A project like the Warren deviates from Dutch standard solutions in many respects, and therefore does not easily fall within the beaten track of regulations and testing. The fact that the fire brigade and the constructor of the municipality now confirm that building with wood is simply good and safe shows that this form of building is a realistic alternative. "

With the granting of the environmental permit, the dream of the Warren becomes reality: being able to make a serious contribution to the transition to sustainable and circular building in wood. For the realization of the Warren, the housing cooperative is now in talks with a number of possible construction parties. The plan is to set the first pile for the summer in 2020.

The last phase of crowdfunding has also started, in which the cooperative offers everyone the opportunity to invest in this sustainable and social project in exchange for a good interest rate. More information about this crowdfunding and the project can be found at


Architect: Natrufied Architecture

Sustainable building consultant: Eco+Bouw

Fabricator: Pieters Bouwtechniek Delft

Installation consultant: Duurzaam aan de Zaan

Image: Natrufied Architecture
Image: Natrufied Architecture
Timber frame construction: Natrufied Architecture

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