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Do you want to work at a leading engineering firm with employees driven by love for their profession? Work in an experienced organization with an open work atmosphere where quality, service and entrepreneurship are paramount? Pieters Bouwtechniek is always looking for solution-oriented and innovative engineers.

What does working at Pieters Bouwtechniek mean? It means to be challenged:

  • at one of the largest independent engineering firms in construction advice from the Netherlands, with almost half a century of experience in excellent services;
  • knowledge and experience of motivated colleagues in an environment with excellent opportunities and perspectives for development and development in the field of building construction;
  • at a engeineer firm that is not only a structural advisor, but above all a creative advisor with a contemporary and creative approach to the profession;
  • within a work culture where independence and space for entrepreneurship are important core values.

Internship or graduation project
Are you looking for an internship or graduation project and do you want to gain work experience?
Pieters Bouwtechniek offers students every possibility: from orientation internship to your graduation assignment. Within a challenging learning environment with expert guidance.

What does internship / graduation at Pieters mean?
Internship / graduation at Pieters Bouwtechniek means gaining experience:

  • within a working environment where personal growth and development are of paramount importance. As a trainee you will be formed, supervised and supported by a permanent supervisor, after which you can grow into a chief engineer or eventually even become a director.
  • within an environment where space and freedom of thought is an important asset, with maximum creativity and pleasure as a result.

Do you feel challenged to work at Pieters Bouwtechniek?
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