2 Nominations 'Schoolhouse of the Year'

5 October 2018

As part of the Architectenweb Awards the prize for 'School Building of the Year' will be awarded in early November. All entries for the 'Schoolhouse of the Year' prize have been assessed on social relevance, contribution to the field and the thoroughness of the design

Two projects were nominated for which Pieters was the engineer. The Revius Lyceum te Doorn and the Hyperion te Amsterdam.

Revius Lyceum
This school was designed by Spring Architecten and MoederscheimMoonen Architects. The Revius Lyceum is a compact school, a school building without corridors, where all spaces are effective learning space. This has resulted in a compact three-layer design, in which the different learning squares and classrooms are clustered around the dynamic heart of the school. Next to the school building is also the sports building with 3 gyms and associated changing rooms.

The Hyperion was designed by Ector Hoogstad architects. The building is unusually high for a secondary educational building and grateful use has been made of it. A double helix forms the vertical connection: an atrium and an outdoor space swing around the entire height of the building, through which daylight penetrates deep into the building - into the bicycle cellar, a full-fledged part of the building - a long diagonal line of sight is created they ensure clarity. All floors are different in shape, so that both in the atrium and along the 'outside route' terraces arise that are interconnected with stairs.

Revius Lyceum, Doorn | Beeldmateriaal: Luuk Kramer
Hyperion Lyceum, Amsterdam | Beeldmateriaal: Ector Hoogstad Architecten

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