2 Pieters projects nominated for the A.A.P. 2019

18 March 2019

Architecture Center Amsterdam has announced the ten nominations for the Amsterdam Architecture Prize 2019. The prize awarded to the project that is being selected as the best project in Amsterdam by the professional and public jury.  

The Pieters projects include Hotel Jakarta and Hyperion Lyceum.

Hotel Jakarta
Hotel Jakarta is at the head of Java Island. A main supporting structure, mainly of concrete and wood, with slender profiles for the facades and atrium, together provides a sustainable-industrial character. The high headroom in the restaurant on the ground floor and the high headroom in the atrium up to 30 meters reinforce this image.

Wood is used a lot in the building, also as construction material. For example in the walls and ceilings of the room modules. The hotel was designed with the aim of obtaining a Breeam Excellent certificate, which is in line with the excellent score on sustainability during the design competition.

Hyperion Lyceum
After the summer holidays 2018, the Hyperion Lyceum started in the new building with 850 students and all employees. The design comes from Ector Hoogstad Architects from Rotterdam who, together with students and teachers, have come to a preliminary design that has been approved by the VovA board.

In October 2018, the school became even more unique by installing a slide. Not special in itself, but this slide is in the school! Thanks to the participation of pupils, teachers and parents, the new Hyperion Lyceum in Amsterdam is really their building.

The Golden A.A.P. 2019 awarded to the architect and client of the winning project.

Hyperion Lyceum | Image: Ector Hoogstad Architects

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