Artwork the double bollard placed in Den Helder

5 September 2018

The double bollard artwork arrived in Den Helder on Thursday night, August 30th. After a long and cautious journey through the Netherlands, the maritime icon is now in its place on the square in front of fish shop Boon.

The new Den Helder icon, at least that is where it needs to grow, is the convincing conviction of the fans. Whether it ever becomes the Eiffel Tower of the Northwest remains to be seen, but at the unveiling on Friday afternoon most of the many people present agreed: pretty nice!

A double bronze bollard of 6 meters high, on which the maritime history of the city is written.

Entrance gate
The nautical companies of Den Helder thus give the city and its inhabitants a gift that fulfills a cherished wish: to make the maritime identity and the connection with the sea visible. The symmetrical H-shape of the bollard makes it a gateway to the city to walk underneath or along. To meet and meet. The lighting of the bollard at night makes the image literally 'light' in experience. Shadow effect and reflection of the high-gloss polished texts also provide contrast and a playful character during the day.

A maritime icon is a sign in which the deep connection with the sea and the shipping industry coincide in form and meaning. Den Helder is about the story of the local identity that embodies this city: tough and energetic, solid and sober. The bronze, robust anchored six-meter high bollard, shows this. The shape of a bollard - two linked crosses - symbolizes closeness and characterizing it 'standing on the ground with both feet'.

Pieters has done the structural engineering for the artwork.


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