Child centers in Groningen

26 July 2018

Kindcentrum Loppersum
In June they started buileding the new child center at the Schoolstraat in Loppersum. In this building, based on the architectural design of TenW architecten advisors, OBS Princess Beatrix, CBS Roemte and childcare Kids2b will be given a new place in the future. The child center becomes earthquake resistant, suitable for new forms of education. Despite the stability required for earthquakes, it has been possible to make the building optimally flexible in terms of design, which gives the building the ability to adapt to the demographic developments in the region. Sustainability is also being considered: the building is becoming almost energy-neutral. This means that a great deal of attention is for the insulation of the building and the installations.

Kindcentrum Middelstum
The child center in Middelstum was also designed by TenW architecten advisors, and constructively and seismically developed by Pieters. The building is divided into 4 clusters that stand as pavilions. They have a green appearance with a curved awning, which gives the classrooms their own covered outdoor space for the development of the educational function. The facades are modular and are covered with preserved wood in a playful distribution and provide a natural and warm atmosphere. It harmonises with the green natural layout of the site.

The piling has now been completed for both child centers.

Child center Stedum
A new child center will also be built in Stedum. This houses a primary school and a childcare center. The architectural design is from KAW. The starting point for the design of the child center is that it must be ready for the future: earthquake resistant, suitable for new forms of education, flexible in design and thus calculated on the future. Sustainability is also thought of in this child center: the building becomes almost energy-neutral, partly through the use of 72 solar panels on the roof and heat-cold storage in the ground. The preparatory work starts at the end of October 2018.


Child Center Loppersum

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