Combi pool and ice rink de Vliet, Leiden completed

3 October 2023

After a construction period of more than a year and a half, the new combination pool and ice rink ‘De Vliet’ has been completed in Leiden.

The video below has been posted on  in whch Thijs van Schenk Brill, director at Pieters, explains the constructive challenges of the project. The result is clearly visible in the video.

Swimming pool and ice rink De Vliet
This sports complex is one of the most sustainable in the Netherlands. The building is 'gas-free' and 100% CO2 neutral. The residual heat from the ice rink is used to heat the swimming water. The roof of the new swimming pool and ice rink is full of solar panels.

The following facilities can be found in the new complex:

  • 250 meter ice rink, 30 meters x 60 meters ice surface and 45 meters x 20 meters climbing track, for long track speed skating, ice hockey, short track speed skating and figure skating,
  • a grandstand with 300 seats for the ice surface and 250 seats for the 250-meter track,
  • 35 meter x 25 meter indoor pool for top sports water polo and short course swimming,
  • communal entrance and catering for ice rink and indoor swimming pool,
  • facilities and spaces for skating and swimming clubs.

The circuit is located on the 1st floor and partly goes over the doodle track.

By choosing a combined building, you benefit optimally from synergy benefits, both in use, space savings and energy exchange.

The client of the sports complex is the Municipality of Leiden. Pieters Bouwtechniek is the constructor for this project, the architectural design is by Slangen+Koenis Architecten. The contractor is  De Vries en Verburg.


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