De Keyser, Middenbeemster in development

28 February 2022

With De Keyser, Middenbeemster is getting a new residential area. Completely in keeping with the character of the Beemster. With the arrival of new-build homes, the village is growing bit by bit.

Pieters is the constructor of this authentic new-build project.

The project includes the construction of 82 new homes in the De Keyser phase 8 planning area in Middenbeemster.

The new construction concerns the realization of 58 single-family houses that consist of 7 main types, which are then subdivided into several sub-types, in which the variation mainly lies in the facade and roof construction. In addition, 24 bebo homes (so-called lower-upper homes) are being built.

The houses are founded on prefabricated concrete piles, with a cast-in-place foundation grid. The ground floor has been realized by means of insulated system floors. The superstructure is built using sand-lime brick construction walls and hollow-core slab floors (in the Bebo houses these are continuous wide slab floors), in combination with prefabricated wooden roof elements.

The piles of phase 9 of this project will start in April.

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