A settlement on new land

6 September 2019

A settlement is currently being built on the new land of the Markerwadden, an island group in the Markermeer.

Prefab wooden houses with a steel frame are assembled and completely finished in the Strandbaak workshop in Utrecht. They are then transported by truck and ship to the “archipelago” Markerwadden, and anchored on site on steel screw posts. After installation, they are ready for use.

The settlement consists of buildings for management and temporary residence, including managerial residences, group accommodation, a kiosk, a field station and a shed. Later this year there will be more building components such as a beach tent, the island guard and an artist's studio.

For this project commissioned by Natuurmonumenten we work closely with architect Ziegler Branderhorst and builder Strandbaak.

EenVandaag spent a bulletin in the September 17 broadcast on the Markerwadden.

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