Highest point VU Research building

24 May 2022

On 23 May, the highest point party of the Research Building for the VU University in Amsterdam was held.

The building will house a wide range of facilities and functions for education and research within the theme of Human Health & Life Sciences and for the departments of Physics, Neurosciences and Earth Sciences. Think of electromicroscopy and vibration-free laser laboratories with constant temperature and R&D facilities for collaboration with third parties. But also campus facilities such as catering, meeting and conference facilities. About 500 people will work there. The building was designed by cepezed. Together with the 0|2 Lab Building  and the New University Building, the research building is the replacement new building for the outdated W&N building, which will largely be demolished in the near future.

The building is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.


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