Hubert Kuijpers Structural engineer of the Year 2018!

14 June 2018

Hubert Kuijpers, manager of Pieters Amsterdam, was elected as Structural engineer of the Year 2018 by a professional jury. This beautiful title is mainly due to Hubert's expertise in wooden structures. The title Structural engineer of the Year is meant for structural engineers who in one way or another have made an important contribution to the engineering profession. Hubert will now act as ambassador for the field for a year.

The award was created in 2012 to express the importance and beauty of the profession of structural engineer and to promote the appreciation of this profession, within the own branch and beyond. Engineers who have designed appealing and contemporary structures that are also responsible and sustainable are eligible for the election. He or she must have made a relevant and innovative contribution to the field.

Love for wood
Hubert's love for wooden structures is due to the fact that many qualities come together when using wood, such as the pleasant and natural look. Wood is also a sustainable material in optimum form. Wood is a natural and organic (CO2 binding) material that is widely available, can be replanted (FSC quality mark) and is reusable after use in many ways. Sustainability and integral design play a central role in his work as structural advisor. Good examples of his innovative wooden structures are the high-rise PATCH22 and the modular Hotel Jakarta that will be delivered at the end of the month.


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