The Krinkels office gets his contours

3 April 2018

Our building plans are starting to come to life! The contours of the office wings and the cellar are already a tip of the veil of the beautiful design by Paul de Ruiter Architects. An "O" -shaped floor, which stands around 5.5 meters around 12 concrete columns, will form both the proverbial and the literal crown on this project.

When the building is finished, it will become the new head office of Krinkels, a specialist of Green, Infra, Water and Sport. Their most famous work is the realization of the MH17 monument near Schiphol.

Krinkels likes to work on a beautiful, safe, clean and green environment. They now how to process this at the new head office in Breda.

The outdoor space is green with seats for meetings and lunches in the open air. The interior space is also green for a stress-free environment in which people's well-being is central. The building will be equipped with 80 workstations and will include the head office for Krinkels and Mostert De Winter.


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