Living in a villa on a dune talud

11 September 2017

At a fantastic location in Amsterdam a beautiful waterfront villa has been realized. Living on a dune talud, with an impressive view over the water. The villa is a mix of big spaces and comfortable privacy. The façade is completely dumped and is finely textured by the shelf shedding and the color shades in the concrete mix.

The villa has a complex top floor extension, with the patio protruding beyond the main volume. The floors are linked by means of isocorous joints to the supporting concrete wall.

Very special is that the concrete wall is also really the supporting structure. It makes the villa a characteristic combination of civil engineering and high-quality interior design.

To achieve this result with shelf structure, even staining and integrated water drainage, specialists in concrete building were needed, a job that could only be clarified by experienced carpenters of 55+.


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