New Genmab Research and Development Center

12 September 2017

Genmab is a major global player in the development of new cancer drugs and has been an important part of the very strong cluster of cancer research at Utrecht Science Park for more than 15 years. The new Genmab Research and Development Center will be located on the Noord Cluster of the Utrecht Science Park. The Science Park is the location where innovative knowledge, science and business come together. For this reason, a science café and auditorium opens on the ground floor of Genmab's new research and development center where knowledge can be exchanged with other residents of the Science Park.

The building reflects core qualities of Genmab such as innovation, high quality, dynamics, transparency and recognisability. It has an open structure with overlays of 16m long sight lines and consists of two beech-shifted beams with vertically-faced facades. In between, a prominent visible atrium, featuring trays positioned for optimal interaction and communication between Genmab employees. The work environment is high quality, providing optimum comfort and maximum functionality and flexibility.

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