NS and RET trust the renovation to contractor Averesch

2 February 2018

On behalf of RET and ProRail, NS is awarding contractor Averesch the renovation of Rotterdam Alexander station. The first shovel is expected to be launched in April 2018. The goal is to be ready in the summer of 2019. Then the train and metro station are located under one roof. The project is a collaboration between RET, ProRail, the municipality of Rotterdam, the Traffic Company and NS. The project management is hereby in the hands of NS.

Sebastiaan de Wilde, Director of Station Development and Maintenance at NS Stations: "Station Rotterdam Alexander is used daily by thousands of NS and RET passengers. When it is completed, passengers will have a nicer station, with good transfer possibilities between train, metro and other means of transport and new facilities. That is a huge improvement, because this station deserves this upgrade in imitation of Rotterdam Centraal. "

"At the moment Alexander station is still a train station with a metro station. NS, Prorail and the RET will soon have one beautiful station together with a direct above-ground passage from the train to the metro. Much safer for the traveler, "says Maurice Unck, general manager RET.

Pieters, as structural engineer of this project, is proud to be part of this ambitious project.


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