The 'Oude Kooi' in the spotlight

2 April 2020

Housing association De Sleutels will renovate a total of 139 social rental homes in the coming year, in a historic district with character. The child-friendly neighborhood consists of single-family houses and ground floor and top floor apartments. All facilities of the city center are within easy reach, but the district itself also has many services.

The Building offers childcare, a library, medical services, a gym and a café. The shopping center is around the corner, as well as the beautiful Kooipark where children can play. The houses in the Oude Kooi are / have been thoroughly addressed and improved with maintenance, renovation and new construction.

De Sleutels actually wanted to demolish the central blocks and replace them with high-quality new construction. Just as happened a little further on with the so-called "Northern Blocks", but politics stopped this at the end of 2016. The houses designed by the famous architect Jesse were considered to be iconic and were granted the status of municipal monument. This demolished the project and De Sleutels made a plan for "high-level renovation".

Pieters Bouwtechniek Haarlem acts as the main structural engineer for this project and has been involved in the project since 2014. In the first few years, many studies, measurements, feasibility studies and alternative studies were carried out. After the definitive choice to preserve the facades, Pieters Bouwtechniek made and elaborated the structural design.

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