Research into old balcony structures in Utrecht

9 April 2021

According to Bouwwereld, the structural engineering world will soon have a lot of work to do with research and solutions for 6,400 pre-war homes with cantilevered balcony structures. The municipality of Utrecht will check whether these balcony structures have steel girders and will inform the owners about this. Owners should then have an investigation carried out into the safety of their balcony structure. The bearing capacity of the steel girders can be reduced by corrosion, with all the associated safety risks.

The difficulty with this study is that steel girders are generally poorly visible and accessible because they are (partially) collapsed, bricked in or boarded up. Pieters Bouwtechniek has extensive experience and can provide homeowners and municipalities with good service in investigating the structural safety and with any necessary repair solutions for the balcony structures.

In addition to Utrecht, other municipalities are likely to follow.

The full article can be read on the Bouwwereld website.

Image: Google Streetview

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