Elan Wonen and Trebbe develop 170 homes

15 September 2017

Pieters Bouwtechniek is the structural engineer of the district renovation in the Slachthuisbuurt. The Slachthuisbuurt is a cozy neighborhood bordering the center of Haarlem. Municipality and Elan Wonen, Pré Wonen and Ymere invest here in housing and livingability. The atmospheric and monumental parts of the district are maintained. In other places new constructions are created. This creates a beautiful mix with new energy and new elan. This restructuring is in a place that is important to the city, as it marks the entrance of the city.

Hof van Leijh is a beautiful example of social housing new style: efficient, flexible and focused on independence of residents. Trebbe has been selected as a construction partner by Elan Wonen for the development and realization of Hof van Leijh. The plan consists of 21 social housing, 21 residential units and an apartment building. The apartment complex offers space for 125 appartments, 3 residential buildings and a neighborhood store. In addition, there are two spaces that need further details.

Pieters made a constructive design during the design phase. This design has tested the plan for feasibility. BIM will be launched soon.


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