Pieters wins tender Holland Park West in Diemen together with BPD and Dura Vermeer

24 December 2019

Together with BPD and Dura Vermeer, Pieters has won the Holland Park West tender in Diemen!

The beautiful design comes from Mecanoo Architects.

The plan called Xplore is a new residential area within the Holland Park neighborhood, consisting of 706 homes. Of these, 212 social rental homes and 170 medium-rental homes are being realized. The plan takes into account 1,500 m2 of facilities and a broad school is being realized. The community school offers room for around 700 primary school students, a daycare center and a playgroup. An underground parking garage will also be realized.

Xplore is designed in such a way that there is as much interaction as possible between residents of all generations and ages. Whether that is at school, in the green or between buildings. This vision has further translated into the development of a completely car-free area that includes four green residential courtyards that ensure intimacy and security. The facilities and the school located in strategic places bring liveliness to the green heart of the neighborhood. The whole has also been designed with a lot of attention for biodiversity and circularity. All harvested wood is reused and the biodiversity of the area is increased. The landscape is green and climate adaptive and the buildings become energy neutral.

Xplore has high sustainability ambitions by focusing on circularity and energy-neutral homes.

Pieters will act as main structural engineer for the further development of this project.

Impression: Plomp, Amsterdam
Impression: Plomp, Amsterdam
Model Holland Park tender

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