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8 April 2019

On Saturday 15 June 2019, 'Bouwend Nederland' will open construction sites throughout the Netherlands to the public. Would you like to put your project in the spotlight and give visitors a look behind the scenes? Then register your project for Day of Construction 2019!

Within a few months it will be that time again: Construction Day 2019! On Saturday, June 15, visitors across the country can experience different parts of the construction process. On this day, the multifaceted nature of the construction and infrastructure sector is highlighted. And your help is needed! Only together can we show how beautiful and interesting our sector is. Are you working on fun building or infrastructure projects that are interesting for the Dutch public? Then register your project!

This year, Bouwend Nederland is organizing this 14th edition of the Day of Construction in collaboration with the Contractors' Federation, 'Techniek Nederland' (formerly UNETO-VNI), UN Constructors and the Day of Architecture.

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