Relocation of advertising mast - Pieter's supervising structural engineer

12 June 2020

Schiphol Airport is working on doubling the Quebec lane. This means, among other things, a second viaduct over the A4 and space must be made for this. To do this, the famous advertising mast had to be moved to a different location along the highway. Pieters was a supervising structural engineer for this job. The move of the advertising mast was carried out quickly and professionally in the weekend of May 15: a piece of teamwork from all parties involved!

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The advertising mast at Schiphol is no small boy. The eye-catcher next to the A4 weighs a total of 56 tons: 28 tons for the top section, 18 tons for the middle section and 10 tons for the base section. The advertising mast has also been there for quite some time, so the question was whether the mast could still get off its foundations properly. Fortunately, the dismantling went very smoothly. So prosperous that the advertising mast already shone at its new location 190 meters away as the crow flies a day ahead of schedule.

Contractor BAM Infra is responsible for the management, maintenance and new construction of all roads, bridges and viaducts, parking areas and associated infrastructure in section 3 - the landside infrastructure at Schiphol - and takes care of all preparatory work for the construction of the new aircraft viaduct. The relocation of the advertising mast at Schiphol is one of the small sub-projects of the extensive operation and was carried out by Saan Kraanverhuur in combination with Saan Industrial Removals.

Pieters was the structural engineerof this mast (all advertising masts at Schiphol) and was closely involved in the implementation of various masts. Pieters has been asked to think about moving the mast.

The plan (design, engineering) was devised and worked out by Pieters, Saan and Evers Staalconstructies from Hillegom. Commissioned by the BAM.

Below a video showing how the upper part of the mast is lowered.

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