Roofing sheets HWC Amsterdam South Connection

23 April 2020

The roof plates for the first two roof sections were laid for the Auxiliary Heat Central Amsterdam South Connection last week. In the meantime, a large buffer vessel is being welded together, which will be approx. 25 m high. The building already has 4 large boilers (in a white packaging) where the water will be heated before it is pumped into the buffer tank.

This buffer vessel will eventually be lifted onto the foundation next to this steel construction. A third roof part will then be built above this buffer vessel, creating a kind of three-stage rocket.

This auxiliary heating plant is being built on behalf of Vattenfall and supplies the district heating network of Amsterdam. It lies in the triangle between the A4 motorway and the A10 ring road and the tracks of the metro and train.

Construction consultancy Strackee provided the structural design. Pieters Bouwtechniek and Pieters Bouwkunde have been commissioned by contractor Friso to provide structural design and construction work, respectively. The steel construction is supplied by Kampstaal, the technical installations by Engie and the vessel by Bilfinger.

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