Start of construction 60 Rochdale rental properties IJsselmeerstraat

30 May 2024

One of the most beautiful real estate projects in Rochdale is being realized in the IJsselmeerstraat (Amsterdam-Noord). The start of construction was celebrated with a festive breakfast for all involved. The slender building (design: WE Architecten) is the final piece of the entrance area to the Waterlandplein neighborhood. The building is approximately 30 meters high and will contain 40 social housing units and 20 medium-priced rental units.

The homes are intended for one- and two-person households and vary in size from 43 to 60 m². The building is designed in such a way that not the entire building plot is used. This leaves room for a green park that the entire neighborhood can use.

In the Entrance Area, located between IJsselmeerstraat and Randmeersingel, self-builders have already built one or more houses on 55 plots. The construction of these homes was completed in 2020.

Waterlandplein neighborhood
In the Waterlandpleinbuurt (formerly Nieuwendam-Noord), the municipality works together with housing associations Stadgenoot, Ymere and Rochdale to improve the quality of homes and living environment.About 1,200 homes have already been demolished and 1,100 homes have been renovated. 1,900 new homes will be added.Residents think and participate in the changes of the Waterlandplein neighborhood.

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Image: Suzanne Blanchard
Image: Suzanne Blanchard
Image: Suzanne Blanchard

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