Three Kings wins award filling silos Zeeburgereiland

8 February 2018

The plan The Three Kings is the winner of the selection procedure for the new interpretation of the three silos on the Zeeburgereiland. The Three Kings is a plan for 3 silos with children's play, wellness, event space and one-room hotel, food lab, brewing café, catering, office space and three public roof terraces.

The juries consider this a very ambitious plan, with a broadly oriented program in an impressive appearance. The different functions must interest a wide audience. The various functions ensure that there is always something fun to your liking, during the day or in the evening, for young and old.

The silos have been made into impressive icons by architectural firm Elephant and development combination Vinkbouw and Grayfield, without detracting from the rawness of the existing silos. The roof terraces of the silos remain and publicly accessible. Because of the space left between the silos and the superstructures, the structures emphasize both the individuality of the existing silos and the quirkiness of the new interpretation.

On 18 January it was decided to grant the option for the three silos for the time being to De Drie Koningen. In the period of reservations (20 calendar days) that were followed, no objections were submitted with which the award decision became irrevocable on Thursday 8 February 2018.


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