Unique modular building Amsterdam West

11 April 2017

On Laan van Spartaan in Amsterdam West, work has begun early September for a unique modular building of 16 floors high. 

The building with 361 student accommodations will be completed in only 12 months. This is possible thanks to the use of 3D houses manufactured in the factory, meaning that the students will be able to live there as early as 2017. The final module was placed in April 2017.

Each industrially fabricated module has its own self-supporting concrete carcass. The fully furnished accommodations can be stacked on top of each other from the truck, like a type of concrete LEGO blocks, to create a 16 floor building. A unique performance in the Netherlands. Even the finish of the façade, to a large extent, is mounted onto the modules in the factory, so that no traditional scaffolding is required at the building location.

With this unique modular method, it is possible to complete a majority of a high-rise project in the factory, saving you construction time and money while substantially limiting the usual nuisances caused by construction projects and increasing the quality due to an industrial and sustainable production method.

The newspaper Noordhollands Dagblad published an article about the special method that is being used for the construction of these student accommodations.

The last placed module is transported in a festive way

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