Village house Zwanenburg-Halfweg is bustling with life

7 September 2020

The municipality of Haarlemmermeer, to which Zwanenburg belongs, wanted to create a new meeting place for young and old with facilities for sports, culture and relaxation. Heren 5 architecten was commissioned to design the Zwanenburg-Halfweg Village House, which lies between a shopping square and a park with water. All usage areas of the new Hart van Zwanenburg are visible from the central reception area with bar. From this "inner street" with entrances on the square and park side you can enter the sports hall, the library and the billiard room.

The polygonal floor plan and the varied roof shape give the village house a playful appearance. The roof refers to the traditional roof shapes from Zwanenburg. The eleven linked saddle hoods of the multifunctional accommodation have different inclinations, from 35 ° to 67 °. The ridges are parallel in an east-west direction and vary in height. At the location of the sports hall and the grandstand, the saddle covers extend slightly higher than above the other areas, due to the required free height for sports.

A building to be proud of: spacious, light and with a fully-fledged sports hall. The festive opening was postponed due to corona, but the "living room of the village" is already buzzing with life.

The new village hall is unmistakably open and in full use, depending on the developments surrounding the corona virus, there will be a festive opening in the spring of 2021.

The village house is built with people and environmentally friendly materials. Laminated wooden trusses, which remain visible, support the roof. The façades adjacent to the park will have wooden cladding and the façades on the square will be masonry. The client set high acoustic requirements for the lounges, including the sports hall. The reverberation time will soon be shorter than the NOC-NCF requirements. The roofs are acoustically executed. Sound-absorbing mineral wool is placed in the grooves of the perforated profiled steel roof sheets.

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