62 Rental apartments on Willem Dreeslaan, Utrecht

28 September 2023

In Utrecht, 62 rental apartments are being built at Willem Dreeslaan 55. Commercial spaces will be located on the ground floor of the building. The existing building was demolished before the summer.

An apartment building with the name 'Willem' will be built at this location. The new building will have 4 and partly 5 floors, and 62 homes. Some of the homes will be priced in the middle segment (rental and possibly purchase). The other part of the homes will be social rental. On the ground floor (430 m2) there will be work spaces or spaces with a social function, and there will be a parking garage. A courtyard will be created on the roof of the parking garage.

The public space is also being tackled. The area is being designed more as a residential area. There will be more greenery and sustainability will be taken into account.

Pieters is the main engineer for this green project.

Piling started last Friday, September 22.

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