Wooden residential building Sawa in Rotterdam

17 March 2020

Commissioned by Nice Developers and Era Contour, Mei architects and planners designs a unique wooden residential building "Sawa" in the heart of the Lloydkwartier in Rotterdam. Pieters Bouwtechniek is a constructor for this beautiful project.

What is special about Sawa is that the building is built as much as possible in CLT (cross laminated timber). In addition, the building is distinguished by the generous green terraces, with which the building enhances the biodiversity of the district.

The starting point for the project is to make a complete wooden main supporting structure. This is designed with wooden columns, wooden floor beams and wooden floors. The stability core is designed in concrete to make it slimmer and to prevent vibration nuisance from wind.

©Mei architects and planners
©Mei architects and planners
©Mei architects and planners

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