BS De Wereldburger winner of the audience award A.A.P. 2022

23 May 2022

Primary school de Wereldburger (Moke Architecten, Landlab, Municipality of Amsterdam) is the winner of the audience award of the A.A.P. 2022.

The A.A.P. 2022
The A.A.P. 2022 is awarded by a professional and public jury to the architect and client of the best Amsterdam project of the past year. With the Amsterdam Architecture Prize, Arcam wants to stimulate public debate about Amsterdam architecture.

Primary school De Wereldburger
Primary school De Wereldburger in Amsterdam Nieuw-West is getting a second life. After the design by Gianni Cito van Moke Architecten, the sixties building will be transformed into a warm, open learning environment with a lively auditorium as the beating heart. The concrete structure of the school building will be preserved. Moke Architecten expanded the school building with an auditorium and classrooms. Large windows make the building open and light. A lot of wood is used throughout the building. From the coat racks to the stairs and from the cupboards to the kitchens. The building is constructed as circularly as possible.

Circular building materials have been used as much as possible. The auditorium has a beautiful wooden construction as the beating heart of the building, with an impressive wooden podium staircase annex grandstand. This auditorium and staircase are made of high-quality circular wood from a demolished gym elsewhere in the city. In addition, you will find recycled wooden ceilings, Sfynx sinks, doors and kitchen interior in the building.


Image: Thijs Wolzak

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