'Building on a stamp' best Cement article 2022

13 April 2023

In the election of the best Cement-article of 2022, 'Building on a stamp' came out as the winner! The article was written by Rob Doomen and Steven van Eck from Pieters Bouwtechniek.

The publication about the POST Rotterdam project, the transformation of the existing former post office on Coolsingel in Rotterdam into a luxury hotel with a residential tower, received the most votes with 30.6%.

Every year the editors of Cement organize an election for the best article of the past year. The election results give Cement an idea of what the reader appreciates, so that they can respond even better in the future.

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POST Rotterdam
POST Rotterdam, the former main post office of Rotterdam, is a national monument and one of the few remaining historic buildings in Rotterdam. It is located on the Coolsingel next to the also historic town hall.

In 2016, the property was acquired by Omnam Investment Group. The monument will accommodate a hotel and a new apartment tower will be built in the former courtyard. This apartment tower will be 150 meters high and will be placed on a 25-metre high table construction. In this way, the facades of the courtyard remain visible, creating a second magnificent hall in addition to the fantastic existing central hall in the monument.

Structural design
The structural design of the tower is spectacular. The structural design of the table has columns (table legs) of 2.5 x 2.5 meters and a table top of 3.5 meters thick concrete. The tower above it has a concrete core, several transverse walls and a further column structure up to the 43rd floor. Structural constructions for balconies and a second outer facade are made outside the concrete main supporting structure. Under the tower, a parking basement with a semi-automatic parking system will be created between the mighty foot constructions.


Image: ODA, Forbes Massi

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